The digital transformation is a major issue inside the Crédit Agricole group, The SI’MOOC digital aims to develop your skills and your digital culture.

The purpose of this playful and innovative course is to give a common knowledge base to every player of the SI community

Crédit Agricole Group has made the adoption of the Cybersecurity one of the major challenge of the coming years in order to fight against new threats.


The new MOOC, on Security theme, aims at training the staff to best practices and concepts when it comes to Information System Security in order to anticipate and control the risks. The aim is also to promote the Security culture in order to continuously enhance the Security in our Business lines.

Big Data is a strong technological trend and a major issue in order to respond the new needs of business lines and customers.

The SI’MOOC Big Data will permit you to explore the techniques of this technology and Develop your knowledge in order to provide a better support to the business lines projects of the Crédit Agricole Group.



Who we are ?

SI’ ACADEMY program objectives
Bold positioning: “IS Training & Openness”

The adaptation of occupations and IT skills to technological developments is a necessity. The SI 'ACADEMY program, launched by Crédit Agricole S.A. in 2015, aims to accompany the digital transformation of all Information Systems businesses.

The key is to: enable SI teams to learn differently and be constantly open to innovations; Encourage everyone to develop their skills and knowledge by offering attractive training; Acquire new digital knowledge, share innovative projects, constantly enrich his professional career and his expertise.

SI’ ACADEMY is an integrator of training solutions and a facilitator of the dynamics of increasing IS skills.

SI’ ACADEMY coordinates and assembles training packages, learning tools and approaches that take into account business needs. The choice of the subjects is made in interface with the business imperatives or the opportunities that they open in the various activities of the bank.

The added value of SI' ACADEMY focuses on facilitation, simplification and accessibility to offer an attractive and innovative offer. To do this, SI' ACADEMY is working with partners such as schools, startups and organizations at the forefront of digitization. The program enhances internal talent and opens up opportunities for collaboration with schools to attract new skills.

The added value of SI' Academy provides a facilitation work, simplification and accessibility to offer an attractive and innovative offering, including user interfaces. The program promotes internal talent and opens channels of working with schools to attract new skills.

SI’ ACADEMY has the ambition to create a collective and motivating dynamic, with a range of diversified offers.